Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can't take him anywhere.

It's funny that since I'm with Dalton almost 24/7, the number of people I've met that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have met normally. Just yesterday we were in the line at Target and Dalton struck up a conversation with the ladies behind us. After the introductions and some talking, one of the ladies said, "Hey, my daughter just visited a little boy named Dalton in the hospital, she's a teacher and went with a group of teachers. Her name is Mrs. Pleasant." Yep, that's Dalton's teacher. Small world! Dalton was so excited by that. Of course, normally I would be in my own little world during the check-out, definitely not meeting new people and would have never known Mrs. Pleasant's mom was right behind us. He's a pretty neat kid. He loves meeting new people. I can't take that boy anywhere :)

At therapy yesterday, Dalton tried the bioness again. He doesn't tolerate the electrical stim very well. Hadn't in the past either so we're going to try to do some desensitizing to the stimulation to see if that helps with the toleration. It looked really good what he did tolerate. We go to the neurologist today to consult about using botox in his left leg to decrease the tone. Maybe less tone would equal lower electrical impulse on the bioness also helping him tolerate more.

While Dalton was in therapy, I was on the phone with the school nurse trying to get everything ready for him to return on Monday. She made one comment that is still repeating in my brain. She asked,"Do you know how close he came to death," after hearing about all he'd been through. I had never really thought about it and no one really mentioned THAT. I know he'd been through a lot, more than any child should have to, but close to death?

Well, he's doing so awesome now. He's made so much progress and asks daily when he can go back to school. I wonder how long he'll have to be at school before he starts asking when he can stay at home. He's got it pretty good right now.

While wasting time for Sullivan to get out of school, I took Channing and Dalton to the mall. At the Disney store, Channing found a dress she wanted and asked if she could have it for her birthday. Everything right now seems to be asked if she can have it for her birthday. Her birthday is still 3 months away but she's already counting down. I told her I didn't know but we could talk to dad. She said, "Oh, I'll just ask my dad." Then she asked for a few more things in the store and when I said no, she said, "Oh, I'll just ask my dad!" I wonder who she has wrapped around her finger?

Sullivan started his achievement tests yesterday at school. I'm not sure if he was blowing off steam/stress from the tests but I got a letter from him saying he was in trouble for swinging on the bathroom doors at school. When questioning him, he said, "Mom, it was awesome!" It's so hard to be a good disciplinarian when he was so excited about the action and looked so cute saying it. I put on my game face and spoke about how inappropriate those actions were....I wonder if he bought it?

Craig scored 2 free tickets to the Grizzlies game last night. Since Sullivan had achievement tests today he couldn't go and it came down between Dalton and Channing. Dalton won and he went to the game with dad. I hear Dalton was happy as long as he was eating. I also hear that he belted out quite a Star Spangled Banner and had a cheering section. Again, can't take him anywhere!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope you all had a great Easter. We stayed here this year instead of traveling to Bristol. We missed not getting to spend time with the family but we did enjoy participating in church activities. The kids were so excited about the Easter egg hunt. Channing got to go first. There was a little stampede of 2-3 year olds trying to get through the fence but there were plenty of eggs! I think Channing thought she was a bunny for a little bit as she would hop from egg to egg. She accumulated quite an amount of eggs. She even happily shared some of her eggs with others who didn't find as many eggs. She made her momma proud.

Channing on the hunt.

Channing with her friends.
After Channing finished hunting eggs, I sent Craig to find the boys hunting field while I took pictures of Channing with her friends. When I later went to catch up with the boys, they were already finished. I was surprised because the times were staggered. Well it turned out Craig got a little confused and the boys hunted on the wrong field. I'm sure there were a few mommas a little unhappy about the big boys stealing eggs from their little ones. Of course, I was mortified and ready to die from embarrassment after finding out what happened. Oh well, the boys had fun!

Sullivan on the prowl!

Don't look too closely at the competition...

Afterwards, we stayed for a message from the Pastor and then took a few more pictures before heading home.

We also looked up a trivia question the Pastor challenged the kids with. Whoever found the answer of the name of one of the men who walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus and told the answer to the Pastor would get a dollar. Well you know my kids were all about getting a dollar.

On Easter Sunday we had to hunt the Pastor down so the kids could answer his question. Dalton chimed in first, "I know your answer!" He answered Cleopas, then Channing, then Sullivan. Yep, we left there with $3. Before leaving church, I wanted the kids to see Richard do his painting. If I can get a video clip of it, I will post it. Richard had 4 canvases and painted them with a brown cross, then various black lines. Then he rotated the canvases and put them back together forming an amazing painting of Jesus. All three kids enjoyed watching it. Sullivan commented, "He's a good artist!" I think he's amazing!

After church, the Easter bunny had left some goodies on their beds. After that, the kids raced around the back yard hunting eggs. Sullivan was caught trading toy filled eggs with his siblings' money filled eggs. They didn't seem to mind too bad.

We finished the day by making a cake in the shape of a cross. We had a great time! Channing added a flair of star spinkles. Besides missing spending time with family this year, we had a great Easter.