Thursday, May 6, 2010

Praying for Isaiah

Just wanted to invite anyone reading this to go to this little boy's page on facebook and write him and his family a message. He is facing a pretty major brain surgery in June. This is not a family I know but definitely wanted to pray for this family.

go to and get more information about Isaiah at:

Monday, May 3, 2010

relay for life

This weekend is the relay for life. If you would like to make a donation on my behalf, please go to my website at:

hawaii day 4

This was our "relax day". Nothing planned. Just a day to sit out at the cabana, swim in the pools and whatever else we wanted to do. We could even see whales spouting water in the distance from the cabana. It was a pretty calm day and the ocean looked like glass.

We spent the day just listening to the ocean (and even getting spritzed with Evian water.)

Here's the view from our hammick.

It was a great day. We later went shopping for the kids' souvenirs and came back to the beach that evening for some sunset pictures. Once again Craig set up his tripod and got some lovely sunset photos.

The beach was pretty empty and we got some great shots down on the beach.

The foot prints are some of my favorite.

I'm also glad to have photos of Craig and I together. So many times when on vacation, there's a picture of him or I in the photos but not together. The tripod was a great idea!

Right after writing the message to the kids, a big wave came and wiped out the message (and our stuff.) The tripod started to float away and so did Craig's shoes. I think he still finds sand on occasion in those shoes.

Back at home, we hear Sullivan has taken up an interest in Sudoku.

Tomorrow, whale watching......