Monday, May 24, 2010

Sullivan's 8th birthday

One of my sweet boys had a birthday yesterday. Sullivan turned 8. Wow! I really can remember pretty vividly falling asleep with him on my tummy! He has turned out to be a pretty amazing little boy who definitely keeps us on our toes.

If you recall, last year Sullivan asked for an ipod touch. We thought we were out-smarting the little guy by giving him dads old one that he never used after getting the iphone. Sullivan was super excited but it didn't take him long before he started asking dad if his birthday ipod was dads old ipod. We were busted!

He was fine with that for a little while but then he found that the battery just didn't stay charged long enough to his liking. This began the pleas of a new ipod touch (one with a longer battery.) We were actually considering it as he acted pretty responsibly with this first one, but probably 3 months ago a new love was found, the DSi. Ultimately, Sullivan decided he'd rather have the DSi for his 8th birthday. He was very excited to get it and has played it nonstop since yesterday. I'm definitely going to have to limit the time on that so it doesn't consume Sullivan's summer!

Dalton and Channing also picked Sullivan up some goodies too. Channing got Sullivan a holder for his Bakugons and Dalton got him a Snuggie. Sullivan was very excited about the Snuggie!

We had just a small family party yesterday with his friends coming this coming weekend. In Sullivan style, he requested for us to NOT have a large party like years past. I knew this was coming when last year he didn't want his friends to sing happy birthday, as this embarrassed him. I knew the days of big birthday parties for him were numbered. This year Sullivan asked if he could just have a few friends over. So, he has invited 4 boys from his class to come over for a sleepover. Keep your fingers crossed we survive!

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