Friday, September 3, 2010

baby Ethan

Things with Ethan are not good. His organs are shutting down and they don't think he'll make it through the weekend. Still holding out for a miracle. Please pray for Rhonda Hall Farley and her family.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Enjoying 3 at school...

I am enjoying having all 3 kids at school. Week 1 the kids were ready to go. Channing was just dying that she had to wait til Wed. Then she was super upset that she didn't get to go back until the following Monday.

The first full week of school for the boys was a success. Sullivan got a couple of check marks but is that really a bad thing? They were for talking so I'm kinda glad he's already found a buddy. Now he's just got to work on the talking thing...or at least getting caught at it.

Dalton definitely has his work cut out for him this year. Lots of homework for 5th graders. His teacher really wants to push him this year...which means I'm going to be busy with lots of homework this year too. You would not believe how big he has gotten and how much he's changing. At our last checkup he's almost 4'11" and 85 lbs! And his voice is changing. He's squaking all over the place. Next Craig will have to teach him to shave. He has a little mustache growing!

Channing Gail's first full week of school went great too.

On the first day, she allowed me to walk her to class and asked for me to eat lunch with her. After lunch though, she was ready to go home and got a little upset when she realized she had to go back to class and I was going home! Day 2 I got to walk her inside school but she said she didn't need me to walk her to class...her brother would do that!
She still wanted me to eat lunch with her so I caved after she said she'd miss me if I didn't eat lunch with her. How can one turn this down? Day 3 she said she didn't need me to walk her inside. I could drop her off in the car line and she'd be just fine. So, I'm officially pulling up in the car line and dropping all 3 off. ***tear***

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