Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am so happy that God has allowed me to be a parent. I love being a mommy!

Today, Channing and I went to a Mother's Day tea at Glitz and Glam. Of course, I had to dress the part too. You can't have a tea party without dressing the part, right? Channing and I hit the Goodwill and found some gorgeous hats as you can tell from the pictures. Craig snapped some pictures of us in our lovely attire before we left for tea.

Some friends drove in from Jackson to attend the tea party with us. The girls looked lovely and Channing was admiring her friends' curls!

Channing got her nails done, some glitter makeup and was ready to go. After a craft, we enjoyed some "tea" (apple juice and milk) and some cookies, doughnuts and fruit. After that, we got our picture made together and another craft. We were having so much fun. We did finish with a lovely dance of Hokey Pokey.

After that Channing and I enjoyed lunch together where she was caught flirting with the waiter...blowing him kisses. What am I ever going to do with that child?

While us girls did our thing, Craig and the boys enjoyed a boys day. They spent most of their time together playing at the apple store. The kids made silly photos on the computers and played games on the ipods.

Friday, May 8, 2009

photo shoot

Today was a pretty cool day. After getting Dalton and Sullivan to school, Channing and I went to Senator Norris' home for a photo shoot for Ryan's Hope. Channing was in her element around all the animals. She loved riding the horse, petting the dog, feeding the goats, laughing at the pigs and leading the miniature horse through the tall grass. She loved doing this photo shoot and was spotted quite a few times "hamming it up" for the camera. She did look mighty cute in her cowgirl outfit and she didn't mind telling people either.

After finishing this part of the shoot, we picked up Dalton and Sullivan early from school so they could be in the photo shoot at Ryan's playground, a handicap accessible playground in Collierville. Channing and Dalton got busy being cute for the camera right away. Sullivan noticed all the attention brother and sis were getting and wondered why his photo wasn't being taken. I asked the photographer to get 1 pic of Sullivan and then he was fine. I tried to make up the difference by taking a few extra of Sullivan with my phone. All and all, the kids had a blast here too. So, you're probably wondering what these photos will be used for. I was told these pictures will be found all over the tri-state region expanding to a 5 state region on bill boards, digitals, transits, websites, in magazines, and possibly even TV commercials. Let me know if you ever see them.

We ended the night with a church function. The kids enjoyed snack and bouncy time at the church, while Craig and I joined the sunday school class in a game of Battle of the Sexes. Let me just say, the women won!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the gymnast and track star

Channing said good-bye to her gymnastics coach last week. Her coach's husband is military and was transferred. Channing was so sad to see her coach leave and is now trying to warm up to a new coach. Unfortunately, Channing isn't the best listener and full of energy...more so than the boys I think.

Her first day with the new coach was spent with Channing disobeying about every command of the coach. I was dying of embarrassment. Everyone knew that was my kid out there running around like a wild animal! We had a make-up lesson yesterday with this same coach. Channing did a little better with listening but still got side-tracked quite a bit and enjoyed leading others girls down the wrong path.

At the end of this lesson, the coach came up to me and my first thought was she was going to discuss with me the importance of Channing listening...which I do address every time prior to gymnastics. But she didn't. Instead she wanted to put Channing in the advanced Preschool class which is invitation only. She feels Channing has a lot of natural ability but needs to work on her listening skills. I agree! Maybe the little bit more challenging class with older girls might help Channing follow directions a little better. I'll keep you posted. She loves gymnastics right now and she cracks me up how fearless she is.

Sullivan has his possibly last track meet coming up this weekend. It's qualifying. I'm not really sure he will qualify for anything this year, running in the 6-7 yo group and only being 6. Hopefully, he'll stick with this and try again next year. He's really improving on his distance running. I wish I could run as easily as he. I'll keep you posted on if he qualifies for anything.

For Dalton, we decreased the ADHD meds to decrease how emotional and confused he was getting on the larger amount. He's done better in those areas but the honeymoon period is over. He's back to not liking school work much. Sure, he loves the social part, it's the work part he's not a fan of. I've had to get on to him a little bit and give him some extra "homework" to make up for the work he's not doing at school. Overall, he really is doing well. We have his IEP meeting scheduled for next week to discuss his placement for next year.

I'm still thinking holding him back a year is in his best interest. He's missed so much of his 4th grade year, because of both the behaviors at the beginning of the school year and then the lengthy hospital absences recently. I think he can get so much from the 4th grade experience and I hate he's missed that. I'll let you know how that meeting goes. Yuck!