Saturday, March 28, 2009

first track meet

Sullivan had his first track meet today...what a yucky, rainy day. It was too wet for them to hold the field events so Sullivan had only 1 event. He ran in the 100 meter dash. He did so awesome and finished first in his heat. His coach told him he did such a good job, he'd like for Sullivan to run in the 800m medley relay next week. After Sullivan ran, he was ready to leave...he was cold and wet....

And so were the rest of us. Dalton and Channing were complaining that they were ready to go a soon as they got there. Just as soon as Sullivan ran in his event, they left...and non too soon. They are not fans of cold, wet weather!

Dad was a little sad to have to leave so early. He was having fun snapping pictures with his new toy. Here are a few pics he took with the new camera.

Channing Gail



Friday, March 27, 2009

sad for my tigers

Yes, I stayed up last night to see my Memphis tigers defeated by those other tigers. I hoped they could pull it out in the end but it just wasn't meant to be. So sad. I enjoyed watching them this season and look forward to next year!

Went to pick up Sullivan's uniform for his track meet for Saturday and they didn't have them ready. I can't help but wonder is this due to the disorganization of SYS or something else. So far, we haven't been impressed with this sports program. For Sullivan's first track meet, he will be wearing street clothes!

Dalton is still sneezing like a mad man. Thanks Memphis...but the headaches have seemed to decreased in intensity. Either they just aren't as bad or he's getting used to it. May be looking at allergy medicine in Dalton's future. He's never sneezed this much.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sullivan and track

Dalton started outpatient therapy today and really enjoyed himself. I can tell he's getting more independent and think PT can help him reach that. We also heard about some possible aquatics therapy and swimming lessons too. Right now he's playing wii.

Sullivan is going to miss track practice tonight for violin practice. I'm sure you can imagine which one he'd rather attend. I know there was a time I wanted him to be more outgoing but now I'm wishing I could wrangle that back in. At track, Sullivan enjoys clowning around with the other boys and has had to run a few extra laps because of his silliness. Unfortunately, I don't think he really sees running a lap as punishment. He's supposed to get his uniform tonight so either Craig or I will need to run up and get it for him.

His first track meet is Saturday. Would you believe that there is not 1 track meet here in town? Supposedly, shelby county schools wanted to charge 3xs the fee for the track than other schools. So, even though we signed up to run track here in town, our meets will not even be close to here! That is so frustrating. I just assumed we would be having some meets up at the high school.

Still no preschool for Channing. I had planned on getting her signed up prior to everything with Dalton and then once we started the ER thing, I completely forgot about finding somewhere for her. Looks like mommy may be her preschool teacher next year! The place I wanted to put her is full with a waiting list and unlikely she'll get in there! Stink! Back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

where did I go wrong?

Where did I go wrong? My 6 yo is asking for an ipod touch and a blackberry for his birthday. I'm wondering if somewhere in his child rearing I gave him the impression we had lots of money? I don't even own an ipod touch! I'm pretty sure I would have never asked my parents for such a gift, especially at 6 yo. I'm thinking at that age, I was still interested in barbies and cheaper, non-electronic things. I think I need to start back at the basics and teach him the value of money so maybe he'd have a better understanding. Any suggestions?

Channing is sitting here looking cute in her leotard, waiting for gymnastics. We have a make-up today. She is doing really well in her gymnastics class and trying really hard to master a cartwheel. Of course, she thinks it's most important that her hair looks cute and that her leo matches her shorts. I'm pretty sure I did create a fashion diva.

Dalton is hooked up to his antibiotic just "chillin". (kinda literally as the antibiotic is cold going in and makes him chill) His walking is getting better though he still can't walk independently. We go see physical therapy today after gymnastics. I've tried to help by getting him out walking and strenghtening those legs, while we shop : )

Yesterday and today Dalton has had a pretty bad headache that comes right after he sneezes. I'm sure it has to do with the pressure build up during that but it is pretty scary. He'll scream out in pain and the headache lasts about a minute or so. Who knew a minute could go by so slowly when you're child is suffering a headache.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

helping the economy

I helped spark the economy a bit today. I missed shopping and I think the stores missed me. Dalton was a trooper as I drug him around looking for a bargain. I was trying to convince him I was helping him with "therapy" and getting his legs stronger while we walked the stores. I don't really think he was buying it. He was fine once he got his popcorn at Target.

We did all our shopping after Dalton's neurosurgeon appointment. I had a list of questions for the doctor and got some of them answered before Dalton had to go pee (bad!) So, once we left the room to go to the bathroom, our doctor visit was over, he had moved on to another patient.

We go back in 3 weeks so hopefully I can get the additional questions answered then. One of my biggest concerns is Dalton's decreased balance and inability to walk independently. We see physical therapy tomorrow.

I also had part 1 of Dalton's IEP meeting via phone today. This meeting was to just extend his current IEP until we can meet to discuss next year. We're still trying to figure out what's best for him with repeating 4th grade or not. Goals will be interesting since I know gross motor has been affected from surgery, and since we've been out, he's not been progressing academically. We are looking at having a homebound teacher come in while we're still at home. Anyone know anything about homebound? That is definitely not something I'm familiar with.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

church today

Last night, we enjoyed getting out of the house and watching some basketball with some friends. We thought about getting a babysitter but still a little worried about leaving Dalton...just in case.

Dalton enjoyed seeing new people anyways. He's still struggling with being tired and taking frequent naps, as well as poor balance. Oh yeah, and he's feeling pretty itchy which makes him and us miserable. Not sure if the itching is due to the antibiotic or just the stitches healing, but he's scratching all the time. We've been known to put a mitten on his right hand to dull the scratching!

Today we took Dalton to church so his friends could see how well he's doing and also show our sunday school class what a trooper Dalton is. He enjoyed all the attention. Dalton was also spotted visiting the choir before service. Today we had a good outing.