Saturday, June 6, 2009

curls and curls

I think every momma with a little girl, at some time or another, wishes their little girl had curls. I remember when I was growing up, sleeping in those sponge rollers with the plastic ends. I bought some for Channing, probably right after she was born with all that dark hair. When she was a toddler, I tried rolling her hair in them and she did not tolerate sleeping on the sponge rollers with the plastic ends.

Recently a friend of mine told me about some sponge rollers without any plastic. On my last weekly Target trip, I found some. Not sure if they were the same ones my friend had mentioned but these worked great. Channing never once complained of the rollers being uncomfortable when she went to bed.

The next morning, I peeked in while she was sleeping. One roller had fallen out but left behind a sweet thing of curls. It was time for her to wake up anyways, so I started taking the rollers out. Every once in a while, she'd reach up to feel if her curlers were still there. When they were all out, she was still mostly asleep but reached up to find the curlers were gone. She awakened kind of startled wondering where they went. I told her she had some beautiful curls and she should go look in the mirror. She ran to the bathroom and giggled at the sight of the curls. She loved them about as much as I did. Her first statement was, "Now I have curls like Julia." (Her friend with beautiful natural curls.)

I've also included some pictures of the newest addition to the Peterson family...Shadow. He was my mom's miniature Schnauzer before she passed away. After an extended stay with my sister, he has now come to live with us. We are hoping he starts to adjust to the family a little better in the NEAR future. I think my kid's wild ways of running through the house either scares him or makes him want to join in. However, the way he expresses this is my biting the kids. The first couple of incidents were fairly minor but the last one was a little worse when he drew blood after biting Sullivan. We are working both with the kids (to calm down inside) and the dog (desensitizing him to the noise).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sullivan's movie party

We finally had Sullivan's movie party. The weather was perfect and Craig got an awesome projector and screen from work.

Sullivan helped me make the cupcakes. I took marshmallows and cut an x in the middle to make them look like popcorn. Sullivan was so surprised at how much it really looked like popcorn. He giggled as he decorated the cupcakes hoping that when his friends came he could "trick" them.

He did and the kids thought the cupcakes were so cool. Sullivan just grinned. We had about 17 kids come, friends and siblings were invited while parents were encouraged to have a date night. The kids played together so well playing soccer, riding the trucks, and running around. After some fun play time, we popped some popcorn and started the movie. Sullivan picked out the cartoon version of the nutty professor. After popcorn, I sugared the kids up with their choice of movie theatre candy.

Sullivan had a great time at his party and that's what it's all about!