Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yard Sale and House showing!

Ok, Call me crazy, seriously, go ahead. Today I just about did myself and Craig, in! It started yesterday...I was setting up for my yard sale when I received a phone call saying someone wanted to see the house...tomorrow (which means today). Ok, that's cool. I was so excited that when the agent said 12:45 I said ok. Once I hung up, I realized, Oh my goodness, I'm having a yard sale during that time. How's that gonna work? The yard sale wasn't scheduled to end until 1:00. I called my agent and she tried to get it changed but couldn't. So, I was stuck with the dilemma of end the yard sale early or what?

So, fast forward to today. My morning started at 5am setting up the yard sale. Everything was going good. My in-laws and Craig stayed inside to clean for the showing. My neighbor came over and offered her yard for my sale so I didn't have to pack up too early. Craig said that was crazy but I thought that sounded like a good idea. So, we packed up ALL our stuff and moved it across the street. I won't tell you the number of people that stopped by the sale after we moved it but I'll give you a hint...Craig was right.

Right before the family came to view the house, I did a whirlwind trip around the house to finish the "cleaning." Then out the door. Martia and Jerry (my in-laws) drove up and placed a new plant on the door...just as they drove away, the family drove up to look at the house. It was fun getting to watch the family check out my house while sitting at my yard sale at the neighbors house. But shortly after they left, I realized I had scheduled a time with my agent to view a house with my in-laws. I left the yard sale boxes at the neighbor's and ran across town to look at a house when I realized oops, we have a swim party in Mississippi today. We left the house to get changed and on the road to the party.

We didn't get home until 8:30pm so then it was time to get the kids in bed and then lug the boxes from the neighbor's house back to ours! Ugggh! My word of advice, do not have a showing on the same day as a yard sale. I am sooooooooo tired zzzzzzzzz.