Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Day in Hawaii, Oahu

We spent our last day in Hawaii on Oahu. We weren't able to go to Pearl Harbor our last Hawaii trip so it was a must this time. I really enjoyed getting to know more about this part of history. I learned a lot through the video and was amazed to see oil still in the Harbor.

After Pearl Harbor, we went for a drive on the island of Oahu. The island had some beautiful scenery but it definitely isn't as pretty as the other islands we've been to. There were actually areas that looked very poor with graffiti, etc.. but I'm glad we found the pretty parts of the island.

During our drive around the island, I got 2 rainbows. Couldn't help but think of mom and what she missed by not going to Hawaii while she was here on earth but also couldn't help but think of the beauty she sees now on a daily basis!

Craig and I enjoyed our last sunset on Hawaii and dinner at a neat little restaurant with 2 great Hawaiian singers.

We had a great trip but were ready to get back to the kids. The plane trip home wasn't as nice as the one on the way there...the seats weren't as nice, etc... and I practically froze to death but that's ok. I just appreciated being home that much more!