Monday, October 12, 2009

Disney Pictures, finally!

This is sad I know, but I'm just now getting around to writing about the Disney trip. Part of the reason was I just found the camera! Probably on one of the house showings, I threw the camera in the garage with a bunch of other junk! Selling a house is no fun, but that's another story!

We all had a great time with our girls weekend. The start was a little bumpy with a roach found in the room (on property at the All Star Music Resort). Then a mix up with the number of park tickets but all went well. This was Tonya and Amanda's first visit to Disney and it didn't disappoint. The rain made a few of the days kinda icky but the lines were minimal. We were able to ride Everest back to back! It was awesome.

Here we are at Chef Mickey. All the characters came around and took pictures with us. The food was nothing to brag about. The best part about the buffet was definitely the desserts but I could see how a child would absolutely adore the personal attention received by the characters! We sure did.

Annette chickened out on the tower of terror but the rest of us enjoyed the ride...most of us 2xs. The only ride I wasn't able to do was some spinning space one. I didn't chicken out, but I know my limitations! Here we are in our princess shirts. Many people stopped and asked us about our shirts and even Tonya was spotted telling a perfect stranger all about our Princess shirts.

We were also caught watching the Hoopty Do Review. We had a good time but I do not recommend the show. It's very slap stick and very silly with much of the comedy missing the mark. I think us girls can have a good time anywhere but I would say save your money and don't see this show. We did laugh hysterically when Amanda was pulled up on stage...if you don't know this, Amanda seems to have made this a tradition. Her first "acting" experience happened in Gatlinburg when we were celebrating mom's 60th birthday. We had tried to get mom pulled up on stage but Amanda was the one selected. Now on this trip, we were celebrating Chantal's birthday and who gets pulled up on stage, yep Amanda!

On this trip, we did "coin" a new term for our trips...G.A.L.S. A.C.T. So what is it? It's now the name of our group and our girls weekend trips. It's the initial of our first names, including the one who started it! I know you can tell from the pictures but mom started a good thing!