Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally, Dalton's birthday party!

We haven't had an "official" birthday party with friends and everything for a few years now. As he gets older and older, I find it more difficult to find "themes" that both he and his classmates would find interesting.

Last year, we got off easy. We went to Disney on his birthday. Of course, that was one of the best times ever. He received a birthday button and any time a Disney employee saw the button with his name on it, they wished him a happy birthday. Of course, Dalton just thought that was the most awesome thing ever. He wore the button the entire time we were there and would proudly exclaim to everyone...even the ladies in front of him while we waited in line, "Today's my birthday!" Now, that wasn't exactly true 3 days later but he still enjoyed saying it and getting all the birthday wishes!

Sullivan gets quite worried that we haven't celebrated Dalton's birthday appropriately because we didn't have friends over. So, after some debating, we've decided to throw him a birthday party today with a Halloween theme. Not too scary. My kids get freaked out at the beginning of the Cars movie because the car wrecks. So, this is a not so scary Halloween party but maybe universally "cool"with the kids?

I'll post pictures after the party. Wish us luck (and Happy birthday to Dalton!...even though is birthday was a couple weeks ago. The boy can milk a birthday!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sullivan's half mile

Sullivan participated in a 1/2 mile training program for 6 and 7 year olds. He really enjoyed the training sessions.

To cheer him on, me and the kids made him a sign to encourage him during the race. He did such a great job.

He finished in the top group of runners and all the kids that participated received a medal. He was so proud of himself, he wanted to wear his medal to school. I think Craig was able to talk him out of it and the last minute.