Saturday, June 19, 2010

a shopping adventure

So...a couple of weeks ago I received a notice about an amazing warehouse sale. So amazing I really wanted to go and after some conversations with some girl friends, we decided it was "worth the drive." Because the sale was a 5.5 hour drive, we decided to leave at midnight to get a good jump on the line. On the way down, none of us got any rest as the excitement of the sale grew. It also didn't help that we drove through a pretty ominous looking storm. As Meredith put it, "there was a low cloud line" that kept us watching.

We arrived at the sale at 5:30am. None of us were expecting much of a line but were surprised at the 30-40 people camped out. The sale didn't start til 9:00am. Meredith and Kim opted to make a Walmart run to go to the bathroom and buy some chairs. I think this was a ploy to get out of sitting in line because they were gone a loooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg time. How convenient! Of course the stares they received when getting back in line were all but friendly! Tracy and I made a McDonald's/potty run as quickly as possible to not upset that many people.

It's hard to tell how many people were now behind us but the line was impressive. Glad we got there when we did. We sat there chatting with others in the line to get the inside scoop and a game plan. Many of these women come year after year and not to buy for themselves but for their consignment stores and ebay. We were a little afraid that we weren't going to find anything but boy were we wrong.

Even though the sale wasn't supposed to start until 9:00am, they opened the doors around 8:20am. It caught everyone off guard. Meredith and Kim were just about to take the chairs back to the car when the line started moving. Kim looked around like what should she do with our stuff. Tracy and I chimed in....leave it! So, the shopping began!

We had a game plan....divide and conquer. I was to get size 5/6 girls. When I got in there, I got turned around and couldn't figure out where to find what. In all the excitement I think I became discombobulated! I regrouped and started grabbing. Let me just say, it was totally worth it.

At one time I had more in my arms than I could hold. I found a table top but didn't want to leave it in fear that someone would take something. Then we started taking turns going in for more! The pile of clothes we had was massive and there was no way we were going to be able to buy all that. So eventually the weeding out for the favorite outfits began.

Kim started feeling bad from the lack of sleep but the rest of us went to work. There wasn't much room but eventually I was able to make those difficult decisions of putting some stuff back. I had also grabbed shorts for Dalton b/c they were elastic waist. I found that I had several matching outfits for the 2 so I had to go back in for Sullivan some shorts. I was happy to be able to find so many matching outfits for all 3. I think all of us girls that went were able to find matching outfits for all our girls and boys. I don't think we left that sale until around 2:00pm.

We were exhausted as we made that long drive home!

I couldn't wait to get my family in their matching outfits! I even found Craig some matching shorts. They looked so cute I went online and bought me the matching dress. Not at the same awesome price I got at the warehouse sale but I loved matching the family.

I'll definitely make this trip again if possible!