Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Times Farm

Channing's school had Happy Times Farm come one day for the kids. My future veterinarian loved it!

She loves all animals and was in her element. Even with the baby pig squealed loudly, Channing held her arms out, she was ready to hold him. All the other kids backed away, not Channing.

She held every animal there to hold. The poor baby chicks. I'm not sure she's mastered "soft touch" yet.

I think she liked the bunny the best though she really liked them all.

She was even lucky enough to feed a calf a bottle of milk. The bottle was pretty heavy so lots of classmates helped.

After petting, holding and feeding the animals, she got to ride on the train and ride a horse.

She wasn't scared at all. Maybe it's all the animals she's been around with Dalton riding horses.

She looked like a natural!