Saturday, July 11, 2009

Channing's 4th birthday

My sweet little princess turned 4 today. She's already walking around saying she can do everything Sullivan can do because she's "bigger" now. Last night before bed, she exclaimed that when she woke up she would be 4 and a big girl. My sweet baby is getting big.

She couldn't wait to put on her Aurora was her birthday after all. It had been off limits though we bought it months ago...but for her tea party. She put the dress on earlier this morning and wore it all day...even out with Craig while running some last minute birthday errands.

Craig said she got told like a million times how cute she looked and she proudly told everyone it was her birthday. One lady at the Dollar Tree gave her $2 and told her to buy something for her birthday. She'll probably want to wear that dress everywhere now, hoping she can get more money.

Channing's birthday party was a lot of fun though Craig and I worked our tails off. I think we've gotten a little spoiled with the previous help from my in-laws. This party we were on our own...we survived but we were running around a lot!

All Channing's little friends were adorable in their dresses. Snow White paid us a visit and the girls just thought she was wonderful. Snow White read them a story and helped serve tea and cake. She also stayed around and posed for pictures with all the kids. I think including Channing, there were 12 little princesses running around here.

I'm thinking I probably went a little overboard on this party...I'm just guessing. I had way too much stuff and the girl's goody bags were overflowing. There were 3 tea sets, princess cut-outs and make-up galore! I think I started shopping for this party the day after her last party. I'm thinking I probably shouldn't do that for the next one or we'll be in the poor house. So, next year... maybe smaller scale with not as much "stuff". Channing did have a blast so I'd gladly do it again.

Channing and her friend watching Snow White leave.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

on the market...

Well we did it. We finally got this house listed on the market. No pictures yet and can't show it yet (b/c the house is still a mess!) Craig and I have been working our tails off but between both of our busy schedules...there's just not enough time. This week I have VBS all week plus I'm trying to get ready for Channing's birthday party Saturday. I'm not even sure my house will be clean for the party! I'm in desperate need of boxes to pack up my stuff, so if you got any, let me know.

I'm quickly filling the storage unit and the garage. I do have planned a yardsale for next week, weather permitting, if anyone's interested. I have a few friends wanting to come early. Believe me...there's plenty to go around!

As we signed the papers last night, Craig double checked...did I really want to do this. Of course, it's sad moving forward. This is our first house. We moved here because I was working as an OT in Jackson and needed something close to the interstate. Never would we have imagined that 10 years later we'd have a 10 year old, a 7 year old and a (almost) 4 year old. My how time flies. This has been a great house and I look forward to the next home and the memories that will fill that place. I don't, however, look forward to moving all my stuff.

I'm praying that the house sells quickly (wouldn't that be nice) so I can start playing with the new home. Of course, all the houses I've looked at that I've liked, get snatched up right after I look at them. Can't wait to let you know what we find and how the house selling business goes in Arlington!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthday wish

I've wanted to get Channing's ears pierced for quite some time but Craig felt it should be her choice and wanted it to be her decision. Well for several months she's been requesting to have her ears pierced like mommy's. Craig tried to "scare" her off by telling her it would hurt and they would use a needle to poke a hole in her ear. After some consideration....she told him that was fine, she still wanted her ears pierced like mommy's.

With her birthday coming up this weekend, Craig finally gave in and let me take Channing to get her ears pierced. We went to several jewelry stores to see if they sold piercing earrings but we weren't able to find any so we settled for the cheap ones from Claire's. I wasn't thrilled but Channing thought they were lovely!

I was very nervous...I wanted them to be perfectly even. I made the poor lady at Claire's redraw the dot like 4 times. It wasn't helping that the child wouldn't stop running her mouth. I'm not sure if it was nervous chatter but she wouldn't stop asking questions. After the first piercing, Channing didn't even flinch. She looked up at the lady and proclaimed, "That didn't even hurt one bit!"

The second one didn't go in as well and the lady had to mess with it a bit. Channing winced a bit and later stated she would not be doing that again. She couldn't wait to look in the mirror and get her sucker!