Sunday, June 7, 2009

breakfast with Cinderella

Saturday morning, Channing was excited she was going to eat breakfast with Cinderella. We got all fancied up in our Cinderella attire and posed for some pictures before heading to Glitz and Glam for breakfast.

We met a friend at the breakfast and took some pictures. Channing loved seeing Cinderella. She picked out a lovely pink tiara and waited to get her make-up and hair done. Cinderella painted Channing's nails and put some glitter make-up on her. Channing was so proud of her glitter face!

After her make-up, Channing made a picture frame, played a game, ate breakfast and danced with Cinderella. She attempted to listen to a story from Cinderella but had a difficult time keeping her mouth closed. She frequently interrupted to ask Cinderella 20 questions during story time.

Channing loved having this opportunity to spend time with her friend and Cinderella. I hope she has as good a time with Princess camp coming up in a couple of weeks.