Friday, April 10, 2009

good Friday

Happy Good Friday. As the Peterson household prepares for Easter, we had a good discussion yesterday in the car. Sullivan was excited about not having school today because it is Good Friday. I wanted to talk to him about what that meant and he already knew. He proudly announced, "Mom, Friday is good because Jesus died on the cross for our sins." Channing chimed in, "Yes mommy, Jesus died on the cross." Sullivan then exclaimed, "and on the 3rd day, Jesus rose from the dead!" Yes, indeed. Praise God!

I love hearing my kids talk so openly about what Jesus has done for us. Sullivan still hasn't had enough courage to walk forward at church but I feel he's very close. Dalton continues to encourage Sullivan to come forward to get Baptized but I think the idea of having to speak to someone discourages Sullivan. Mrs. Sherri at church has offered to be there when he comes forward if that will help. Sullivan seems encouraged by that but still hasn't made the decision to walk forward yet.

I don't want to rush him because I want him to completely understand what coming forward means. Craig said at the Passion Play this year, Sullivan was brought to tears at the idea of what Jesus has done for us. Please lift Sullivan up in your prayers that he will be able to overcome his fear and come forward at church when he is ready.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bioness anyone?

Dalton is doing great. We're driving each other crazy but I think that's a good sign. We tried a new gizmo at therapy yesterday that I thought was super neat. It's called bioness. Anyone out there ever used it?

There are these electrodes that attach to Dalton's leg and then there's a sensor in his shoe. Every time he lifts his foot, the electrodes fire an impulse to stimulate his muscles to activate dorsiflexion. (this keeps him from dragging his toe) It was really neat to see this work. Of course, insurance probably won't pay for because it's new. I'm a numbers person so I asked, what would this bad boy set us back, $6200. Wow, looks like I need to have a mega-yardsale soon to raise some cash. Currently, we are going to continue to use it in therapy and see what kind of gains we might see outside of therapy. It looked pretty cool in therapy though.

Yesterday I tried to make a pot roast. Never made one but thought, how hard could it be? I make beef stew all the time. Many of you know my culinary abilities are quite limited but I tried. The kids hated it and Craig, well, he could eat it but probably won't be asking for that one again. We really enjoyed the pot roast from church when Dalton was in the hospital. Anyone got a good, easy recipe?

Last night was a long night and I'm still recovering. I got to shop the kidstown sale super early and found some really great stuff so I'm not complaining. Unfortunately with the crazy weather we're having, many people couldn't work their shifts because being sick or sick kids. I stayed to help and was there until midnight! I think shopping "ended" at 10 but the line of people was wrapped around the building. It was crazy! They still have lots of super cute clothes should check it out at the agricenter Thurs.-Sat. (1/2 price sale on sat.)