Friday, August 7, 2009

Anniversary Mani / Pedi

I'm not going to agree to the idea that I'm difficult or difficult to please but.....

For our 11 year anniversary, Craig planned for us to go to Gould's and while he was getting a massage, I was to get a manicure and pedicure. If you can remember, I was already a little uneasy about the prospect of the pedicure because of my last Gould's incident. Need a refresher?

Craig and I back earlier this year, went to Gould's at the Peabody. While Craig was getting a massage I was to get a manicure and pedicure. The nail tech started with the pedicure and as I stepped up on that first step to climb up on the bench, my foot busted through the floor. Yep. I was mortified, embarrassed, etc... and haven't had a pedicure since. So, I was a little less than ecstatic about another chance at disaster, but Craig planned this nice little outing so I was trying to stay optimistic.

Craig had planned this latest manicure and pedicure to coincide with the time of his massage. Mine was supposed to last 1 hour 30 minutes...the same as his massage. He went back first. I was a little disappointed in the manicure as I remembered in the past getting a nice little hand massage during the mani...but I didn't get one. That's ok I told myself, I still get a pedicure and hopefully a foot rub, right. Craig said this pedicure was supposed to be something special (which means he paid extra). So, I looked forward to this part of the evening. Well, this fell a little short too.

During the pedicure, I approached that first step cautiously. I didn't want a repeat of my previous experience. As I climbed up that first step, I had to maneuver awkwardly around bleach and other cleaning supplies. I got into position and started soaking my feet. The entire pedicure I got to hear my nail tech discuss the dating life of another (off duty) 52 year old nail tech. I thought, wonderful! (filled with sarcasm). Anyways, the pedicure fell short of anything pleasant. Instead, I curled my toes as the nail tech rubbed some exfoliating scrub on my legs and feet and sanded the bottoms of my feet smooth (raw). Massage next,right? Nope, just more soaking. Right before she painted my nails, she filled the wash basin with bleach and cleaning supplies and then painted my toes while my legs were above the basin. Of course, the whole time I was worried she was going to get bleach on my super cute khaki capris I had worn. The fumes were lovely too. Then, on top of all that, the mani/pedi ended 20 minutes earlier than published and I got to wait in the empty waiting area (we closed the place down) for Craig to finish his massage.

I'm thinking I'm done with Gould's manicures and pedicures. Not worth the stress. Anyone got a suggestion of another place to try?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

fun at Pickwick

Yesterday we had a blast at Pickwick...getting a little bit of Seadoo time in before the rain. We drove up and met some of our Sunday School class for some boating, tubing and Seadooing. Before it rained, Craig was chauffeuring everyone around on the Seadoo. If weather would have permitted, we had planned on inflating our tube but the storms rolled in before we could. Sullivan got to ride a single person tube all by himself. He was seen grinning from ear to ear and held on tight. He was proud that he never got dumped off the tube. Dalton and Channing enjoyed riding the Seadoo and jumping waves with dad. Squeals of delight were heard from across the lake! Unfortunately, we've found the wave jumping may be a little much for Dalton to take. On our way home, Dalton complained of a bad headache....which was helped with Advil. Then again today on the way to church, the headache was back. We are going to take it a little easier next time on the lake!

No house showings this weekend :( but we do have someone considering our house. We are one of two the family has narrowed down and we are praying that this could be the family for our little house. It's hard keeping the house in order with the kids going behind me doing their best to destroy. Plus, if you know me I love my stuff...and I miss my stuff. I can't find anything in this cleaned chaos!