Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Swim Party

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. I am so thankful for our service men and women who have either served or are currently serving to keep our country safe. My little brother will soon be serving in Iraq. Not only am I praying for his safe return but for all others serving there and other countries. These men and women are so brave and sacrificing so much so we can live in this country, free. I am definitely thankful for all of them, including my brother!

How did you spend your day off? We were able to spend the afternoon with some "old" friends (some "older" than others, hee hee). Our former Sunday School class from Bellevue had a little "reunion" of sorts. Many familiar faces showed up to fellowship...and some not so familiar faces (the kids have all grown and changed so much!) As you can tell from the pictures, the kids enjoyed the swimming pool while I enjoyed talking to the women. It was a fantastic way to spend what turned out to be a perfect Memorial Day.