Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cheer Competition

Would you believe Channing has already participated in her first cheer competition? I was really worried after the last practice where parents were able to see the routine. Channing pretty much just stood there and held her pom poms. Craig looked at me with that look of..."we are not signing her up for this again, right?"

We were able to video the routine and practice at home though that was like pulling teeth. Already at 4 she feels like her mom doesn't know anything! If it's this bad at 4 what's it going to be like in the teen years? We practiced some but she did not know the music routine before the competition.

Her competition was Saturday morning in Jackson. After being glitterfied with blue eyeshadow, body spray and lip gloss, the girls were ready to cheer. Collierville young champions were the 1st team to go. Surprisingly, Channing did pretty well. She started the routine very well, just lost some steam during the routine....but she never stopped. I was very proud of her and she looked awefully cute.

Channing's cheer group won 2nd place in the large division which means they can now compete at the State level in Nashville in January. After all was said and done, she did enjoy the competition. We haven't decided yet if she'll go on to compete in Nashville. Starting in January, she will be advancing in gymnastics to a group called Gym Cubs. This is an invitation only group getting these young girls ready for gymnastic competition. We can only do one thing...cheer or gymnastics and I really think she enjoys gymnastics more right now. I am a little worried with the new level at gymnastics's 1 1/2 hour practices 2xs per week which may be a little tough with her attention span. I'll keep you posted on how that goes!

I think it's funny that every child that competes gets a matter how good/bad they are. The kids that placed also got a ribbon.

Yes, I'm a proud momma! I made my shirt to support Channing and the Collierville young champions.

This is Channing and her coach Jen.