Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun and Work

Sorry it's been so long for a post. Believe me, having the house on the market is a big chore. It seems that pretty much every free moment, I am cleaning the house just in case we get to show the house...just in case. Of course, when we do get that call to show the house, I run around like a mad man trying to get everything just right.

I wonder if that last minute cleaning really makes a difference? Who knows but I guess I don't want cleanliness to be the stumbling block for someone wanting to buy this house. Of course, we live in this house so it's not perfect. It's pretty good though. I bet I'll let more and more things slip as time goes on while we're still on the market. I'm just praying for that perfect family to come along to love this house.

Last weekend we did get some fun in. We attended an Alpha Chi cookout with friends. Channing became instant friends with my sorority sister's little girl. They became inseparable. You would have thought they were long lost pals. You could find them swimming together, jumping on the trampoline together, eating together and see-sawing together. It was quite funny!

Sullivan pretty much kept to himself while in the pool but could be found helping sister out on the see-saw or jumping with them on the trampoline.

Dalton loved playing with one of my sorority sister's twins. Dalton is so good with little kids. He had them laughing hysterically.

Grandma and Grandpa were also here for the weekend. They were lots of help gettting the house ready for our first showing. In their spare time, Grandpa showed Channing and Sullivan how to climb the tree in the front yard.

Unfortunately, now it's time to get back to cleaning the house. We've only shown the house 3Xs and we have another one tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow....