Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trunk or Treating

This Halloween was filled with lots of candy. Every where we turned we were getting candy. Not good for me because I love candy.

We started Halloween by meeting the Whitfields and Ormans at Bartlett Baptist for some trunk or treating. This was the debut of the kids in their Mario characters halloween masks. I thought they were awesome. I found them on ebay and couldn't resist. Craig and I even had a mask to wear.

Sullivan wasn't crazy over all the attention he received with the Mario mask so it was a real battle to get him to wear it. Dalton LOVED all the attention so no problems there. Channing
wanted to make sure everyone could see her so she opted to wear her mask on top of her head. All in all the masks were a huge hit. No one else had masks that cool! Bartlett Baptist was way crowded so we didn't stay long.

The following weekend we attended Faith Baptist's trunk or treating. We got there early and really racked up on the candy. Craig was afraid people wouldn't recognize Dalton with his luigi mask on but everyone knew who he was! Dalton loved it.

Would you believe we had a house showing right before leaving for trunk or treating! Wow, what poor timing! Anyways, we cleaned up best we could, got the kids dress and went to Faith.

We didn't stay long at Faith so we could get home, maybe do a little trick or treating and hand out candy. On the way home, we stopped at a neighbor's haunted house. I was being nosy and not really thinking. We took the kids through, and let's just say it wasn't a good idea. Can we say nightmares?

Once home, Dalton was the only one who wanted to go door to door trick or treating while Sullivan and Channing stayed behind with Craig handing out candy. By the night's end, we were loaded in the candy. Would you believe then uncle Todd and aunt Marie sent the kids some yummy candy and the next door neighbor stopped by and gave us their left over bag of candy! Anyone need some candy?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Health and Safety Fair

I think I can breathe now. I finished with Red Ribbon Week at school so hopefully things will get back to some semblance of "normal". We'll still be busy just not crazy! Red Ribbon Week was a success if I do say so myself. Our theme for the week was "Growing in the Right direction, Staying away from Drugs". Playing off the "RIGHT" in our theme, the kids wore different items during the week in support of staying drug free.
R-red ribbon week starts today, wear red.
I- I am a "jean-ius" because I'm drug free-wear jeans.
G-Going to put a cap on drugs-wear fav. hat.
H-Heroes say No to drugs-wear camo or red/wt/blue.
T-Team up against Drugs-wear fav. team jersey.

I was so excited every day I was at the school and saw how many kids participated with the theme.
We, ok not really me (I was the supervisor)....Stephanie and Suzanne made me a tree for the cafeteria. Do I get props for it being my idea? Playing off the "Growing" part in the theme, we made a "I pledge to be DRUG FREE, TREE". Every child was given a leaf and if they made that pledge, they added their leaf to the tree. It looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Then on Thursday was our Health and Safety Fair. I was so pleased with the exhibitors we offered this year: United Way, Fire dptmt, McGruff, Agricenter Poison Display, Traumatic Brain Injury Association, Beauticontrol, Arlington Family Chiropractic, CSI, Fitness Premier, State Farm, Relay for Life, Shriner's, Primary Eye Care, Leath Chiropractic, Sovereign Rehab, Identikid and Shots on the Spot. We had over 100 people come through which was outstanding. The biggest draw was we were offering the H1N1 flu mist. Just by chance a shipment came in right before our fair so we lucked out! Even though many probably came for that, at least 75 people went around and visited the exhibitors. How do I know that? We did passports that had to be stamped by every exhibitor and then those passports were turned in for door prizes. I think everyone was pleased.

Of course things weren't completely smooth, near the end of the night, Dalton tripped on his feet

and fell head first onto the hard floor. He had a pretty bad bump on his head but the firemen quickly came up to him and made it all better with a personal tour of their firetruck. All in all, a great week at AES.